From Grain to Speciality - Make India Proud

We’re proud of our heritage but just as proud of what we have created in India. From the roots of farming inculcated in Micronizing India LLP, we have established the House of Micronization.
Our micronization equipment is state-of-the-art and one of its kind in India.
Our finest cereal grains are sourced from the most fertile agricultural land from the states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan... It’s an honor to partner with farming communities across the country.
Micronizing India being a vertically integrated organization follows a strict in-house developed quality control program. This program is anchored by lab reports directly off the field, along with quality checks at each stage of processing, which assures our customers receive high-quality products for their success.
We have a dedicated facility with highly skilled trained staff for our operation in Pune – Maharashtra, India.
This facility gives us proximity to our farmer fields and end-users.


“Adding Nutritional Value To Nature's Harvest”

We are a young dynamic organization specializing in the field of food and beverage products. We produce torrified adjuncts for breweries at our facility in Pune, Maharashtra, India.


“Adding Nutritional Value To Nature's Harvest”

Micronizing Indian LLP offers a broad range of micronized cereal grains that enable manufacturers of baked goods to a cost-saving approach along with improved nutritional value while ensuring great-tasting baked goods and snacks that consumers love.

Why Choose Us

A fast and efficient delivery service.

Easy and efficient ordering facilities.

A dedicated regional sales and account manager.

A dedicated customer service officer.

Longer opening hours.

Pre-payment or credit account options available.

Supportive sales terms for volume orders.


In order to assist in the production of the widest range of beer types Micronizing India LLP offers a range of non-malted brewing cereals.
Micronizing India allows brewers to brew with micronized homegrown sourced raw materials.
We offer torrefied high-performance adjuncts such as barley, wheat grains, or grain products that supplement the main mash ingredient thereby offering cost savings creating an additional feature such as better flavors or nutritional value or additives while maintaining the end taste.
Addition of Flaked Torrefied Barley will promote head retention and add body to the finished beer.
You can achieve a high-quality beer with great foam, taste, and clarity.

Torrefied Cereal Grains